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Maintaining block paving bricks - cleaning and sealing:

Once layed a block paving driveway requires a little maintenace to ensure it still looks great, but no more really than most other surfaces. If you dont have the bricks sealed then more often than not weeds and moss will start to grow between the blocks and it will require weed killer and cleaning every so often. You dont need to have it sealed as soon as it is layed and this can be done at a later date as part of maintianing your block paving bricks.

Cleaning Block Bricks

No matter how much is spent on your block paving or the quality of bricks used it will require some maintenance through cleaing to ensure it looks its best. This can be just sweeping regulary, killing and removing weeds or pressure washing the entire driveway.

  • Weeds - Firstly no block brick driveways are completely weed free, even if a salesman tells you so! Also weeds dont grow 'up through' the gaps they grow into the gaps naturally. Thes best way to keep weeds at bay is regular maintenance, remove weeds as soon as they appear to stop them spreading.
  • Pressure Washing - The best way to remove weeds is to spead weed killer across the whole driveway, leave for a few days and then brush or pressure wash the dead weeds away. A pressure washer is also ideal to remove stains from the bricks and general household bleach can be used. If the driveway is need of serious cleaning a professional is best used as they have commercial cleaning and used acid based cleaning products.
  • Sand - Once the driveway, patio or pathway is thoroughly cleaned it will require new sand between the blocks. The sand needed is 'silver sand' as this is very fine and can be spead and brused over the whole area until the gaps between the bricks are filled.
Cleaning Block Paving Bricks


Sealing Block Bricks

Whichever block paving bricks you have its long term appearance and durability can be enhanced by having the bricks sealed. The benefits of having the area, whether a driveway or patio, sealed is that it will provide a waterproof layer and protect the surface, making it resistant to colour loss from the sun.

The brick sealant we also help prevent and reduce the growth of weeds, moss and algae aswell as protecting against oil stains sometimes experienced from a leaking car. The sealant once applied will reduce the maintenance of your driveway further and the block paving bricks themselves will keep looking their best for many years to come.

Having your area sealant can cost less than you may think and to esnure the best possible finish should be applied by a professional. They often provide the complete service, including cleaning and then applying the sealant.



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